Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

What do I need to play SuperCountries?

To start playing SuperCountries, all you need is:

  • A computer with Chrome (or Firefox) + The Metamask Extension. MetaMask is a digital wallet used specifically with web decentralized apps you can easily add to Chrome or FireFox.
  • Alternatively, an Ethereum-based browser such as Mist or Bravo, or if you're playing with your mobile, the Android browser Cipher.
  • Ether in your wallet to purchase your countries.

How do I install MetaMask?

To buy and sell your countries, you will need to install the digital wallet Metamask for your browser. Download here for Chrome or Firefox browser. Then, load it up with ether.

  • Click “Add to Chrome” (or to Firefox).
  • Click “Add Extension” on the pop-up.
  • Create a new MetaMask account / wallet.
  • Copy carefully your 12 seed words and keep them somewhere safe (this helps to secure your account).
  • That's it, you have now full access to SuperCountries.
  • For security purposes, MetaMask browser extension will sometimes request that you log back in to your account. If you see a lock screen on when playing SuperCountries, this security precaution is probably cause – just click on the MetaMask extension, log back in to continue playing and buying countries.

How do I add ether (ETH) to my MetaMask?

All buys, sells and rewards in SuperCountries are made in Ether (ETH), a cryptocurrency powering the Ethereum blockchain. The best ways to add Ether to your wallet are:

  • Buy Ether through an exchange (All players) - This is the most common way. You can use some popular exchanges such as Coinbase, Bitstamp, Kraken or similar. As soon as that is done, transfer your funds out of the exchange to your MetaMask wallet.
  • Buy Ether through Metamask (US only) - this is an easy way to get Ether but only available for US citizens.

Of course, if you already own Ether you can transfer your funds directly to your MetaMask wallet using your wallet address.

You cannot use Fiat currencies such as USD, Euro, £... to play SuperCountries. You must convert to Ether first.

Understanding SuperCountries

What is SuperCountries?

SuperCountries is a game about collecting Countries on the Ethereum Blockchain, advertising and getting rewards for current and past conquests.

Every country is unique and represented as a unique token on the Ethereum Blockchain. Once you buy a country, you are the sole owner of the token, taking the whole ownership of the country and being automatically qualified to earn lifetime rewards for this investment. The interactive world map is then colored after the last six characters of your wallet for that country.

If someone buys your country, you lose ownership but: 1. you earn a nice profit in return of investment back to your wallet and 2. you DON'T lose your rights for lifetime rewards. Yes, all your investments will be rewarded forever, even after exiting the game.

So in short terms, it is a game that earns you Ether the more you play it.

Could you list all the ways to earn Ether playing SuperCountries?

There are 6 main ways to earn Ether playing SuperCountries. All these ways are more detailed on the Marketplace page in the My Dashboard section.

  1. Buy and sell a country for a profit: you can invest in any available country on the map. Any other investor can also purchase your countries as long as they pay up to double the amount of what you paid for your country in the first place. The new price including the profit is then transferred back to the previous investor of the country automatically.
  2. Get lifetime dividends: this is the most awesome part of the game. If you but at least one country (and no matter the country, it may be the cheapest one but note that won countries for free don't count), you will be paid FOREVER for all new transactions in the game. Even if you sell all your countries, you will continue to receive lifetime dividends. Because every time a country is sold, up to 30% are distributed to all investors.
  3. Increase your dividends: as told previously, if you buy a country, you are automatically qualified for lifetime dividends for every new transactions occurring in the game even if you sell everything. This is a fair and automated system proportional to your investments. The game calculates a figure called "Score" for each player that reflects all your investments (see your dashboard for your score). The more you invest, the higher your Score. And the higher your Score in comparison of all players scores, the higher your dividends.
  4. Get rewards for old countries: get a reward each time your formerly owned country is re-bought! When a country is bought, all former owners get bonus dividends according to their purchase price for this country. If you have owned a country multiple times, your prices are added up and your reward adjusted. So pick the right countries, a popular country can hugely increase your dividends. The number of former owners is usually quite limited, so it is often very profitable to be a former owner. The part of the net profit going to former owners can reach up to 17.1%.
  5. Win the jackpot: regularly, the richest investor of all time (highest Score) and the latest buyer will share half of the jackpot. The sharing occurs if no new investments take place after a certain period of time. Check your dashboard for the pot balance, countdown and names of potential winners. The pot is made up of unwithdrawn dividends by all investors and a % taken from each sale. So don't remember to withdraw your dividends regularly ! The sharing date is postponed each time a player buys a country.
  6. Get referrals: spread the word and recruit new investors to earn up to 7.1% of net profit each time they sell a country. You will be paid for level 1 referrals and even level 2 (referrals of your referrals). Share your link on your website, Discord channels, Facebook, Twitter.... All new players that click your link and invests with the right URL can become your referrals. Note that your link doesn't become active until you own at least one country. You will find your referrer link in your Dashboard.
How do I buy a country?

Open the Marketplace and browse through all the available countries (on the world map or through the list of countries). Select your favorite country and click in order to buy it. The game will direct you to the MetaMask extension to initiate the transaction. After the Ethereum Blockchain has confirmed your transaction, you will have successfully bought your country and became qualified for lifetime rewards!

How much does it cost to play SuperCountries?

It depends on the country and how popular it is. Each country goes up after a purchase. The percentage increase depends on the price range.

Remember that each transaction on the blockchain also requires the addition of a little gas. Note however that you earn dividends even for your own purchases, therefore this gas expenditure can be immediately recovered.

Can I refuse to sell my countries?

If someone else wants to conquer the same country, they can take it away from you by paying up to double the price that you paid. You will then lose the ownership of that country, but you will receive your profit in Ether automatically transferred back to your crypto wallet. And don't forget you will never lose your rights for lifetime dividends tied to this country.

Can I use fiat currency (USD, EUR, CAD, etc) to buy a country?

No, SuperCountries runs on the the Ethereum Blockchain and Ether is the only currency you can use to play. You can convert your standard currency into Ether through an exchange.

Is SuperCountries a cryptocurrency?

You can think of country smart contracts as collectibles – the new version of baseball cards or artwork. While they do have value, that value is based on their desirability. You can make money on SuperCountries smart contracts by selling the contracts in the game and receiving a higher ETH amount than you originally invested. But this of course depends on the market, so please keep in mind that there are not guarantees someone will buy a country from you.

How are you making money?

The developers of the game take a very small cut of each transaction (2% to 5%). The cut of the transaction depends on the value of the transaction and is transparently disclosed in the smart contract code.

Managing your dividends

Where are my lifetime dividends?

Each time a new buy occurs in the game, all players earn dividends. All your dividends (rewards from former countries, referral dividends, jackpot, regular dividends...) are displayed in your dashboard on the Marketplace page. They cumulate as pending or ready to withdraw dividends. If you sell a country, your profit is paid automatically to your wallet.

Warning: don't lose your dividends, withdraw them regularly to your wallet by clicking the withdraw button. Some players may play once and never come back, giving up their dividends in the contract balance. To prevent dividends from being stuck forever, all unwithdrawn dividends after a certain time are added to the next jackpot. So if you don't withdraw them regularly, you can lose them all. The first jackpot will be distributed at least one week after the last purchase. This duration will increase after each distribution.

How to withdraw my dividends?

Go to your dashboard on the Marketplace page. You can ask for a withdrawal if your pending or ready to withdraw dividends balance is positive and if you own at least one country. Before withdrawing, you must first request a withdrawal by clicking the "Request a withdrawal" button. Your pending dividends will be added up to the "ready to withdraw" row. Once your "ready to withdraw" balance is positive, click the withdraw button.

Warning: withdraw your dividends regularly. You can lose them all. All unwithdrawn dividends (pending and ready to withdraw) after a certain time are added up to the next jackpot.

Why do not I have dividends?
  • Buy a country first. To enable dividends, you must first purchase at least one country. Won countries during contests don't count.
  • Withdraw your dividends regularly. You can lose them all if you don't withdraw. To prevent dividends from being stuck forever in the contract balance and never withdrawn, all unwithdrawn dividends are added up to the next jackpot after a certain time. The period is at least one week after the last purchase. Check the next jackpot date in you dashboard.
  • Your dividends are already withdrawn. Your balance returns to zero after each withdrawal. You will receive new dividends when a new transaction takes place.
  • Use your right ethereum account. Metamask allows multiple accounts. Make sure you use the same account as before. Check your Score in your dashboard, it should be positive if you have already bought countries in the game.
  • What is the Score exactly?

    Each time a player invests in a country, you get dividends proportionally to your current and past investments in comparison to the investments of all players. Proportionally means tied to your Score. You can see your Score in the "My Dividends" section of your dashboard. This figure helps the game reward the investors based on their investments as follows: when you buy a country, your purchase price is added TWICE to your previous Score. When you sell a country, your purchase price is subtracted ONCE.

    My Score = 2 x BOUGHT - SOLD

    Where BOUGHT = Price I paid for all my countries (including my sold countries)
    SOLD = Price I paid for my sold countries (countries I don't own anymore)

    ex.: I buy China for 1 ETH, my Score is 2*1 = 2 (aka, the double of my purchase price). If I sell China, my Score becomes 2*1 - 1 = 1 ETH (my purchase price).

    So if you buy and sell nothing, your Score will double your purchase price. And if you buy and sell all your countries, your score is the sum of the prices you paid in the first place. That's why each player will get lifetime dividends: once you have invested, your score will always be greater than zero. Every time you buy a country, your score can only go up. And the more you invest, the higher your score. Your dividends are the ratio between your Score and the Whole World Score (sum of all players scores).

    Finally, but you have probably noticed on your own, since the score is linked to twice the purchase price of your unsold countries, and your dividends are proportionally linked to your score, it benefits doubly to be an owner.


    How can I win the jackpot?

    If no new investments occur after a certain period of time, half of the jackpot is won by the richest player (highest score) and the latest buyer. The first jackpot is set for approximately one week after the latest purchase. This duration will increase after every jackpot.

  • About the richest player. The score reflects all investments ever. You can own the most expensive countries and be the leader of the current leaderboard but not having the best score. It means that a player has invested more than you previously. The richest player's name and score are displayed in your dashboard.
  • About the latest buyer. This is simply the latest player to purchase a country. The name is displayed in your dashboard. Each time a player buys a country, the new name replaces the previous one and the jackpot is postponed.
  • I won the jackpot, what's next?

    Go to your dashboard on the Marketplace page. Press the "Request the sharing" button: this action will divide the pot among the two winners (latest and richest players, 1/4 each, the remaining 1/2 will set the new pot), reset all unwithdrawn dividends, set a new jackpot countdown and enable new buys. All the rest remains unchanged. If nobody presses the button, the winners will lose their jackpot benefits and the game will resume by itself, setting a new jackpot countdown.

    Why are all buys frozen?

    When the jackpot sharing date is reached, players can still withdraw their dividends but new buys are frozen for a short period of time. To enable new buys, press the "request the sharing" button (even if you're not the winner) or wait a while, the game will resume by itself (approximately half an hour).

    Advanced players

    Give me some tips please

    A quick summary and tips

  • Never invest more than you can't afford to lose. Remember that this is only a game of world conquest and advertising. Don't play only to resell your countries and make a quick profit. Even though you can get lifetime Ether dividends, you can also be stuck with a country for a long time. Good luck and play responsibly!
  • It pays double to be an owner. Since the score is linked to twice the purchase price of your unsold countries, and your dividends are proportionally linked to your score, it benefits doubly to be an owner.
  • Buying a country increases your score, decreases the seller's score. When you buy a country, your purchase price is added TWICE to your previous Score. When you sell a country, your purchase price is subtracted ONCE. Buy countries of rich users to decrease their scores and to increase yours. It could be a great strategy in order to get a higher part of next dividends or to dismiss the richest player.
  • Be the latest buyer and win the jackpot. Being the richest player could become complicated if prices go up. Being the latest player is easier.
  • The former owners part is profitable. Don't underestimate the benefits of being a former owner of a country. The number of former owners is usually quite limited, so it is often very profitable to be a former owner. The part of the net profit going to former owners can reach up to 17.1%.
  • Referrals, referrals, referrals. Recruit as many referrals as you want. It will greatly increase your dividends.
  • How to pick the right countries? It depends of your strategy and your desires. You can try to own many different countries to be a super former owner and maximize your rewards, pick a selection of popular countries in order to resell, dominate the map with your color, advertise your URL, win the jackpot, etc. Anyway, don't forget that the more you play, the higher your score and the higher your score compared to all players, the greater your dividends. Every buy counts to increase your Score.